Is that even a real word?



I did things this weekend!!!

I wrote a song and serenaded someone with it…  🙂  (haha)

Um.  Here are some pictures.

I played with the cat with rabbies.

The way creeeeeepy dude from Krispee Kreme just happened to be rolling down Capital Blvd. next to Sebrina and I…  “What are you ladies giggling about?”  haha.

Go-Go died.  Like dead died.  I was going to pay dollars to fix him, instead I gave him to the guy that was going to buy him.  I only cried a little.

Austin got a bath and new strings and now he’s all shimmery!!!!

I partied.


I got a new kitchen table and chairs…

I went on a hot date!

I found a Norma Jean cd in the “Southern Gospel” music section.

I got to hang out with the most amazing people I know.

P.S.  Our Praise and Worship team is the greatest.

That wasn’t in a real order, but it’s most of what happened.  I’m done.

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