That is where I have been.  I’ve been sitting in front of this computer for days now, but haven’t updated on my Tuesday afternoon experience.

I went to lunch with Cyndi.  Red Robin.  I got a red balloon.  I got a chicken sandwich.  And plenty of cokes.  The lady kept bringing me refills so I had 2 full glasses and one half full.  I was so thirsty apparently.  Um. Yeah.  She was right on top of things

You’re so lucky I have a camera, it’s almost like you were there with me!

As we were leaving we saw a dead cat in the road.  Not that you need any help visualizing that, but we were trying to come up with the perfect ad for a dead cat.  You know, if you were trying to sell it on Craigslist or something.   So here it is…

~~~~~++++++++======FREE CAT!!!! =====++++++~~~~~~~~

I have here a free cat to a good home.  He MUST BE INSIDE ONLY!!!  He does not like to go outside.  He is very calm mannered, and prefers just lying around all day and loves being petted.  He’ll sit on your lap for hours!
He loves children, never scratches them, and is great around other animals.
He is full grown, current on all shots and neutered.

Please email me with SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!

It could go on, but you get the point.

Um… Yesterday!  I was lucky enough to come to work before the sun.  On my way home I got see some guy with a really cool mustache driving a way cool corvette.

Frikkin sweet ride!  er whatever.

Yeah.  So… I also got a new car…


5 thoughts on “elsewhere

  1. OK, so the car is far more exciting to your blogstalkers than the FREE CAT ad…I am still having stomach muscle pain from laughing soooooo hard, might need to wear a Depends before long….but YAY for the new car!!!!

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