my stats are slipping

Yeah, so I sure haven’t posted anything decent lately.  Sorry.  Nothing about whatever, just pictures of stuff.  So in maintaining the excelence of ‘blog backsliding’ here are some more pictures.

I got new socks from Jennc 5 socks, none of them match.

Go-Go is gone for good.  After spending some many dollars on his in his last day in my posession, he is now gone.

A large group of us (12) went to the Wal-Mart around midnight Friday night. “Ya’all are gonna hafta stop!”

I went to a party.  “Keven, the fire’s dying!”

Not a problem!

I had a delightful conversation with Marian, Ashley and Sarah…  who is the black whole.

Um.  I also took a picture of Emma’s Hershey’s Kiss belly button.  I knew you’d like to see that.

Yes…  I’m done.  Sorry.


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