An Amazing Birthday

So…  yesterday I aged.  I’m 25 again.

Mom-e sent me this card. 

I got lots of really cool gifts.  (I don’t want you to get jealous, so I won’t tell you everything.)

I got this way cool really neato giant tea cup!  So did PJody.  We had tea together.  It was lovely.

On Thursday I went to lunch with my bosses.  We got to intrude on a very … ‘awkward’ moment.  I took a picture to share with you, but I’m not going to.

We had an amazing Prayer Service…

Friday I had dindin with Jenny Lynn and Chucky Beth.  We baked cookies…

After Prayer I went to villa del Somerville.  We shared delicious snackiedoos and stuff.  I got crapped on (again) by a newborn.

We had cake.

Good times.  Sorry it’s out of order.

4 thoughts on “An Amazing Birthday

  1. my next birthday is 25, so i think i’ll hit that and stay there too. thanks for having us over for dindin, we had a super fun time. i think that was the first time charlotte had been at your house without blasting her diaper … pretty good, kid, pretty good.

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