I like gummy bears, too!

I just read Brandy’s blog.  I’m super excited.  All of these new babies.

My sister’s baby shower is this weekend and it sucks a whole very much so bunch that I can’t go.  I’m having my gramma get her some stuff for me, even though it’s not the same.  I miss her.  Mostly more than most everything.

Right.  So.  ( 60 Second Spinach break)

I got a job today.  It’s exciting, I know.  Next Monday I will be the official Administrative Assistant to the P.M.T.


I have some really interesting stories about this weekend, but they’re only interesting to me.  So I’ll just save them for my brain when I get bored.

Um.  I have stuff to do.  So I’m done.


7 thoughts on “I like gummy bears, too!

  1. uhg so I guess uhhh I *sigh* I know nothing! What is the PMT? errrr r I feel like I should know this? lol. Anyway everyone else is happy for you soooooo Kudos to you!

  2. Congrats. Serving leaders whether is ministry or not, is a very awesome responsibility that takes a certain kind of person to fully carry it out.

    You’ll do well.

    Let’s do lettuce to celebrate.

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