Me from A-Z

I used to be a drug addict. But now I am not.  My six year anniversary is October 31.

I love Balloon Days in Iowa.  The weather is perfect and there is always something to do.

I like the color red a lot.

I like to go on long drives.  To anywhere.  Or nowhere.  And Gerbera Daisys too.  I like them a lot.

Elephants creep me out a little bit.  They’re really big and have that big, loose skin and could smash you.  It’s really quite intimidating.

I have a huge family.  Family dinners are no small event.

I love giraffes.  I have wanted to go to Africa since I was little and found out that they just roam around there.

I love houses and their history.  If walls could talk, I’d listen.

I am from Iowa.  The first 21 years of my life were spent there.  That’s where most of my family lives.

My family used to call me Baby Jo when I was younger.  I was named after my Great-Grandpa Joe, my uncle Big Joe and my cousin Little Joe.

I am a very serious person.  You will never catch me kidding around.  No, litchrilly.  I’m litchrilly quite very serious!

I love a lot of things.  Many people too.

Never play Monopoly with me.  I always win.  ($52,000 to your $50,000 wins Elsworth)

I am always the Newby wherever I go.

I often get overly excited about stupid little things.  (!OMG!  Gas went down 3¢!)

I have two sets of parents.  They’ve both been around forever, but it wasn’t until lately that I considered them real family.

I am quite interested in playing music.  I’ve always got a song in my head.

I’d rather be sleeping or lounging on the couch watching stupid movies than doing tough chores.

I have six sisters.  Debbie, Brenda, Erin, Megan, Jessica and Kendall.  <— She’s my real sissy poo.

I have six tattoos.  My first one is one that nobody ever sees unless they see the rocks and ask…  “what is that?”  I have had 2 covered, and one of them is my favorite because it has a huge part of my testimony in it.

I like shopping for used things.  “Vintage”  whatever.  Rumage shops are my favorite.

I love volunteering at my church.  And my mom’s name is Valarie.

I like going to Wal-Mart late at night to see the weirdos.  Especially at 1:45am on a Friday or Saturday.  Because then they’re drunk weirdos.

I secretly hate getting x-rays.  Nothing good ever comes from them and that cold metal table…

I’d probably do anything for you if you asked me.

I love jazz music.  I once drove down to New Orleans just for the music.  Most of the music I write has a lot of jazzy influence.


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