It’s that time again.

Well…  I’m not sure which ‘time’ that is, but I sure am wearing a festive sweater vest today!  Sweater Vest Day is January 13, so get ready!

Here’s a little poll for you…

Wasn’t that FUN!?!!!!1??!!!!!

Today I am hopped up on maple syrup.  I heated up too much for my French toast so rather than waste it, I drank it.  It was really thick and…  thick.

On my way down Capital Blvd. there was a van packed full of Latino gentlemen.  They were watching me sing to the radio.  They would laugh and wave and go past me.  Slow down.  Smile and wave some more.  Speed up.  Smile and wave.  etc.  You get the point.  So I turned off to go to work and I looked at the van and all their faces were up at the glass waving at me.  It sure brightened up my day!

Um.  I don’t have much else to talk about.

Today is the Starbucks Outing.  I love the Starbucks Outing. You would too.



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