My Mission Field

This week was busy.  I guess.  Maybe it was just normal.  I have pictures.


I got to celebrate Scarlet Rayne Suo.  It is amazing how loved someone so little can be.  She loved the attention and it was so awesome that I was able to share this moment with her and her family.


‘The boys’ adding extra shots to their coffee.

Mario all sloppy drunk on some sort of “flavored syrup”


Too bad that’s not my real bank account balance.  I spent too much time Friday afternoon putting random people on hit lists.

I also went to Celebrate Recovery.  I received my 6 year chip.  I met new best friends.  And I laid down another hurt from my past.  I was also able to minister to someone so unlike me.  Its amazing how God uses us.  Even when we don’t think we have anything in common with someone else, if you are both believers than you have all things in common.
This program is something that I think would greatly benefit LWFC to offer.  If you’ve never heard about Celebrate Recovery, check out the website.


I gave Yama(ha) a bath and new strings.  He still buzzes and rattles, so I didn’t play him much.  Even though I wanted to.  The buzzing was getting on my nerves.  I don’t really want to retire him, because he was my first guitar, but grrrrrrr.  I need a new one.  So…

Late night Wal-Mart trip.  I tried one some polka dotted shoes.  They went really well with my socks and jammies.

I’m pretty much done with this here little blogiedoo.  kbye

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