Voting.  Voters.  Votes.  To Vote.

I may not be able to tell you who to vote for, but I can tell you who NOT to vote for.  I’m not 100% sure that I really want either candidate to be the next President, but there are some really tough issues that I feel strongly about that I know that one of the candidates agree with me.


It worries me a bit to think about all of the children that have been killed because some people couldn’t deal with giving themselves up for a new life.  I do know that some people made the decision to get an abortion and now regret it.  Now.  But that baby was still killed.

These are our future leaders, future mentors to our next generation.  Our future presidents.

If you want to be ‘Pro-Choice,’ that’s great.  But let’s give that child a choice.

Enough of that.

This weekend I did some things.  Wanna seeeeeee?

Friday was my 6 year anniversary for being without drugs.  We celebrated (after Family Fest) by going to the Ale House.  I got home near 2am.  Even though we were drinking decaf coffee, I still didn’t wake up well.  I haven’t stayed up that late in “some time.”  And I had a busy schedule the next day.

Saturday, Esperanza and I went to the mall.  She played.  I sat.

I told the woman to launch her.  So she did.

And then there’s Miss Scarlet Rayne.  She’s super cute.  Especially when she scrunches up her nose and says “mima!”


p.s.  sister sent me a picture of her giant belly…


2 thoughts on “VOTE!

  1. Kelsie, it’s me your PP. Reading this blog gave me an inspiration… I am going to start calling myself pro-chance instead of pro-life. The baby should have a chance at life. It seems like the pro-choice movement so easily overlooks the child…it’s as if the baby doesn’t even exist. Pro-life sounds lofty; pro-chance is self-explanatory.

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