Can I Give You Some Feedback?

By:  St. Kelsie J.

An easy guide to receiving & giving positive feedback.

1. No interrupting – Interrupting shows the other person that you are ignorant and selfish.
2. One breath rule – If you cannot make a reply in one breath, you’ve gone on too long.
3. Say ‘thank you’ when you reply – This shows the other person that you are willing and able to receive their feedback.
4. “Medicine Ball” Body Language – Always lean or step back before replying.  To lean forward is showing aggression.
5. No ‘open palm’ gestures – An open palm such as “talk to the hand” (lame, I know) shows that you are not receiving the positive from the feedback.
6. Smile – A smile on both ends make the medicine go down better.
7. Eye contact while agreeing – Eye contact says a lot about your character.  It says that you are on the same level with what they are telling you, and that you are paying attention to what they are saying.
8. No ‘buts’ or ‘howevers’ – Replying with a ‘but’ or ‘however’ is saying that you are not receiving.
9. Agree without qualifications in a disagreement – Someone’s opinion is someone’s opinion because it is their opinion.  You don’t have to agree with everything they say, but if you listen without interrupting, you may learn why they feel that way.
10. Verbally make a positive connection – Do not just nod your head that you agree/disagree.  Verbally say something like “thank you for your feedback, I’ll work on these issues.”  Or, “I wasn’t aware that this was an issue, thank you for bringing it to my attention.”
11. Say out loud that you are interested in collaborating and cooperating – Like the above, don’t just say with a nod that you will agree to working on the issue, say with your words that you will work on it.
12. Defer to speak without objection – This is not a courtroom.  And also goes back to number 1.

I’ll have more on this later, but for now I have to go.

5 thoughts on “Can I Give You Some Feedback?

  1. I like this, nice guide,
    I now realize I’ve not been too positive with feedback,
    but thank you, *leans back*, I’m open and able to receive this, and I’ll get to working on these issues.

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