The Onion

So the other night I was thinking about something.  How I don’t like onions.  They smell bad, they taste weird but mostly, they’re slimy.  It’s really gross.  And when you cut them, you cry.  Well…  I do.

So I was thinking about all of that and I came up with this:

Our walk with Christ is like an onion.

We have to peel off all of the layers to really get down into the heart of it. onion2

The outside layer is kind of flaky and comes off easy, but then you have the little thin skins that you sometimes can’t even see.  You’re trying to get the next big layer off, but there is this really thin little skin that you can’t seem to get a hold of to peel away.

But then you get to the big layers that are a bit tougher to peel back.  You have to find the weak spot and dig in there to pull it back.

The whole process involves tears, and smells pretty bad, but when you get to the center, you get to the best part.  The part that can be sown to reproduce more, stronger onions.

You have to bury the bulb pretty deep in the ground so it can get a good, strong root.  And it has to have its thick covering of leaves over it to protect it from the elements, the weeds and wind.

There are other obstacles, too, though; Onion Flies.  They’re attracted to the scent of an onion and nibble away at the outer layers that allow bacteria and fungus to grow.  And if one of the onions have this fungus, it effects all of the healthy ones around it.

2624401688_d69d0e2b59This is much like our lives with Christ.  When we first get saved, we are eager to get to the core.  The old habits and old ways fall right off like the flaky layers of the onion.  But when we really get into the Word and see where we need more change, the layers change.  The big thick ones that don’t seem to want to budge are the hardest.  There are little things, too.  Things that we think are little and don’t really matter.  The thin skins that make it hard to get to the next layer.

For me, those thin layers were my relationships with “old lifestyle friends.”  They friends that I thought I could still hang around and be ok.  They were causing me to not get to that next layer.  And it was tough to peel that layer away.

There are many tears.  Because when you have to give up something or someone you love when you are peeling away your old life, it gets harder and harder as you go.
The layers stick together more, and you can’t tell that what you think is one big layer, is 3 small ones.  But when you get them all off, you see exactly what it w22548806stillife11as that was holding you back from getting to the center.

When you finally get to the point where you can see the center, you’re still not done.  But you can look back at the ‘carnage of the onion’ and see all of the things that you once thought were so important just laying there.

And when you get to the center, you find the bulb.  The best part.  The reproducable part.  It’s stronger than the seedling and can withstand more attacks from the enemy.  But it has to be deep in the ground.  It has to be Word heavy.  It has to have the covering of the Blood on it.  And when the enemy attacks it, it will be able to defeat it and produce more and more fruit.

I’m still peeling my onion.  And just when I think I’ve gotten to the center I find another layer.  Sometimes it’s a big fat thick one, and other times it’s a little thin one that stands in the way of my core.

I’ll get there.


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