What I Love…

If you’ve just finished reading Pastor Steve’s blog, you can tell that I stole his idea.

Every third Thursday of the month, LWFC goes to area businesses and buys them starbucks coffee.  This week was one of the best.  Maybe it was because it was one of the first cold days we did the outreach, or maybe they are just getting to like us, but we seemed to be busier this time.  It was awesome!

One of our regulars wasn’t there, and the person working for her was great.  He reacted much like everyone else did when we first started going there.  “No, I’m good.  Thanks.”  But I had to go back to him and give him a gift card for later.

Well…  Yeah.  Here’s a picture!


I didn’t think to take one when it was completely packed.  But you get the idea.

OH!  We also bless anyone in there with free coffee, which is an added bonus.  They think they’re going to be standing in line forever and then we let them go up front and pay for their drinks.  It’s great.


I think that’s what I like about this.  We get to make people smile.  We don’t know what happens to them in their day to day lives, but for one morning on the third Thursday, we get to brighten it up.

By the way…  I just wanted to share with you in closing that I am litchrilly drinking a cup of joy.


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