I hope that you forget your password

to your myspace.  And I hope that your kids find it and rofl at your outfit.  

Anyways.  I found a really cool lady on youtube.  Her name is Molly.  Here’s her video.  

Or whatever.  

Um…  I have discovered that…  I suck.  No.  Really.  Just now, as I was going to my inbox to open the wonderful files of music that I recoreded and sent to myself last night, I saw that there were indeed, none.  And I deleted them already.  So I can’t sent them again.  

Oh well.  

I think that I must one day own a ukelele.  No, really.  Wouldn’t that just be fantastic?  I mean…  don’t get me wrong.  I love my lute, but if I made amazing videos like these cats on youtube with my lute, a ukelele and maybe a comb as precussion, you would definately call me up on a Friday night to invite me out with you and everyone else who aparently went out and did amazing things, but forgot to invite me.  

I’m not mad.  

I did a lot of OTHER really cool things.  

Here are some random pictures.


Now we match.  


And she’s cool too with her ship tattoo.  


Pastor Dr. Reverend Mr. Eddie Crabtree came to have a chat with us all.  It was quite spectacular.  


I worked late Friday and found that my desk has a portal in it.  


Wednesday we hopped the toddlers up on cupcakes!  mmmmm.  Thomas the Train Cupcakes (It’s what Isaiah is thankful for.)

I’m sad that those songs didn’t make it through the interwebs.  😦  



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