sure is quiet around here…

So what did you do for Thanksgiving?  I bet you didn’t do what I did…  nothing.  Well.  food.  but besides that, nothing.  

Want proof?  K.


We cooked Charlotte.  She liked it.  


She mostly liked the slotted spatula.  And the way ‘slotted spatula’ sounds.  


Patrick swam in a sea of butter.


The ‘kids’ smoked their first turkey.  


It was a good thing we had a pastor with us to share the word with us.  


I found this cool picture just hanging on the wall.  


Jennifer…  was there too.  (She brought the hotness) 


And d-bear and I got a new bed.  

You’re probably thinking, “it looks like you did stuff!”  
But no…  we mostly just sat around and played wii.  Litchrilly.  I beat my high score in bowling from the couch.  Anywho…

I’m done.


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