The words

It’s flippin cold.  -3 with a wind chill of -38.  NEGATIVE…  Yeah.  burr.

It was in the 70s when I left NC.  I had the ac on.  But good ole Gerty has heat.  So I stayed warm.  (Go-Go did not have heat [until the motor started over-heating.])

So… the pictures.  They’re of the trip.  Obviously.  The one with the big, bright circle is the sun that was in my eyes for 6 years.  The tunnel is the mountain that I drove through… The city is Louisville, KY.  The arch of St. Louis.  The sky in Misery, the blue one is the sun coming up in Santa Clause, MO.  The one with the white road is HWY 2  on my way to grand ole Mt. Ayr, Iowa.  buuurrrrrrrrrrr.

Gertrude had to see a doctor on the way, that’s why that kind sir was all up in her.  He litchrilly had to climb on top of her motor to look down there.  And…  he fixed her for fifteen dollars and zero cents.  Bargain.  Although, I need to get her fixed for real.  He just “engineered” something to seal off her leak.  The old men were sitting in there gossiping.  It was an awesome small town station.  They even had some teenage boy pumping gas!  woot.  And finally, the picture box.  ohmygoodness.  My father told me he had a box of pictures, and he does.  Gramma and I were looking through some of the stuff.

Could someone go out to gerty and get my slippers and hoodie?  🙂  paleeeeese?

I’m gonna take some daylight pictures right quick.  hold on…


I don’t know how to flip the picture, so lets all tilt our heads together!

P.S.  That belt I got for Gerty before I left was actually two belts, totalling up to a whopping $149.54.  Good-bye Christmas money!  But at least I had it! They didn’t tell me it was both belts until I was up at the counter.


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