Continuing Steadfastly

In the Church we see:  We examine our selves regularly, and accurately discern our place in His Body. We know our position in Christ. We do not take the Church lightly, but reverence it as the Bride of Christ, of which we are a part. We fulfill our purpose as a part of His Church. Communion is taken together often in small groups, as well as the larger body in worship. The salt covenant is more than a ritual. We really mean it when we say, “I will never say or do anything on purpose to hurt you, I will always think pure thoughts about you, and I will allow God to use me to heal you.”

If I have said or done something to hurt you, it was not on purpose.   I take my covenant with you very seriously.  When you rejoice, I rejoice.  When you hurt, I hurt and right now, we’re both hurting.

I will allow God to use me to heal you, if you can forgive me for being a selfish ignorant jerk.  And a horrible friend.


2 thoughts on “Continuing Steadfastly

  1. just for the record, I don’t think you’re a selfish ignorant jerk OR a horrible friend. it takes a very long time to unlearn what we learned while growing up about how to be safe in relationships. you knew that already, I know. knowing doesn’t make it less frustrating or the isolation less painful. I’m hurting a lot, a lot in my family relationships right now. how about I pray for you and you pray for me.

  2. I just hope you’re ok. I consider you a close friend. You’re one of the most interesting people to talk to that I know of. Seems as if u are convinced that u are tolerated and not loved,…wrong!

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