I’ve never been the trendy one.

Lemme show you what happend!!!

K.  So.  I baked up some deliciousness and one of the delicious creations ended up being heart-shaped.  (Jealous?)

Andandandandand…  At prayer, while we were praying…  Pastor Steve said “man, I wish I had a camera to take a picture of this.”  Then the whole band stopped, pulled out their phones and took pictures.

It’s incredible, I know.

I went on a hot date with myself.  (Because I heart me) and these kids kept riding around and around and around and every time they would go past me they would say “Hi!”  It was wonderful.

While I was in there someone kept calling and saying nothing on the other line.  The lady would answer… “Hello?!  You call China Delight, we restraunt!”  Pause “No, you call me!  I no call you!  You call me, you call China Delight!”

It was kinda mean, they called like 7 times in the 30 minutes that I was there.


I don’t want to follow the trend of blog quitters, but I have nothing to say.  So I am done.


One thought on “I’ve never been the trendy one.

  1. I’m pretty sure you have always been the trendy one; from your white & purple striped homemade dress, with your well-worn red flipflops, right down to those astounding green eyes! You have been a trendsetter for as long as I’ve known you.

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