OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!11!!!!

So today I hit the snooze until quite later than I would usually get up.  But I was somehow excited by the thought of today that I didn’t even wait for the snooze to end, I just got up and stumbled to the bathroom.

So I was at the Wendy’s drive-thru window thinking, I wonder what they have for breakfast, since the breakfast menu is not up.  I sat there for a brief moment deciding, and then another moment…  Still no greeting from the friendly Wendy’s worker.  …  Still nothing…  So I drove away.  All the lights were on, but nobody was home.  Accept for the group of people standing around laughing about something hillarious.

So I went down the street to McDonalds.  (I “needed” a biscuit)  I gave the friendly worker my order, paid, got my bag of delicousness, got almost all the way to work and opened up my “chicken biscuit.”  But it was a bacon egg and cheese biscuit.  😦  Sad day.

JK!  It was delicious!

So I got to church and the front doors were locked.  So I got to walk around the building to the other doors.

And then, the most incredible thing happened!!!


iphone-1010I opened the fridge to see if there was a pizza with my name on it, and low and behold there was!  And there was a big pitcher of delicious lemonade!





!!!  I just got my weekend instructable!

🙂  I think you’re really going to enjoy this weekend’s build as much as I think I will.

ft37msofs8o16vqmediumHow to make your own viking shoes!!!

So anywho…

Last night I was talking to someone about this year’s mission trip.  It will be one of the biggest endeavors that LWFC has done.  We thought that last year was going to be the biggest, but this year…  OH MY GOSH!!!   I am still working on raising my funds to get there, but I am getting there, it’s quite amazing.  And if you want to give, you can go to this website and click on “Click Here” and after logging in, choose ‘CR Prayer Trip’ ‘Kelsie Newby’ for which fund you want to give into.

Right.  So I have to go to staff devotions now.



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