Red Envelope Day

So today is red envelope day. The day we send an empty red envelope to President Obama with the words: “This red envelope represents one child that died because of abortion. It is empty because the life that was taken is now unable to live in our world.”

It’s just an envelope with words, but if the few I sent and the few that others have sent, it will get noticed.

I was at their website and I’m amazed at all the people that are sending letters.

Unfortunately, it is too late to send an envelope, but you can still pray.

This movement is in hopes that President Obama will rethink some of his recently introduced laws about abortions.

If you’re unfamiliar with partial-birth abortions, I challenge you to go over to YouTube and watch some videos about it. You can even google search it. This is not an issue we should turn our heads away from. We should tackle it head-on.

Psalm 139:3 says that the Lord formed us in our mother’s womb.

Before we were even born, God had a plan for each of us. So why shouldn’t we give the opportunity of life and life more abundantly to every unborn child?

Let’s all make sure these babies have a voice.


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