DBTW Hangover

This is a blog that I was working on right after Dominion By The Word 08.  It’s not finished, but I want to share it with you.

I can’t believe it.  Dominion By The Word 2008 is over.  All of the preparation, all of the…  coffee.  I’d do all of that running around for the rest of my life if I had the chance to sit there and soak up the Word of God like that.
What an amazing opportunity we had here at LWFC.  Our pastors rock!

I don’t know where to start, so I’ll just go through the line-up.

Do you still have your rock?  Mine is on fire! 

John Avanzini shared some amazing stuff with us.  What is most exciting is just how basic it all was.  He wasn’t explaining rocket ship technology, it was stuff we’ve been hearing for years from Pastor Steve, but the way it was presented made me want to…  do it.

“If you have something possible to do, go out and do it, if you have something impossible to do, call on God and then do it.”

Apostle Robert Kasaro…

I have too much to say about his Word.
Revelation 3:7,8 – “These are the words of him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David. What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open. 8I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.”

Any door that God opens, only God can close and any door he closes can not be opened by anyone but him.
This word was to remind us that just because last year’s DBTW Conference was all about “the open doors of heaven”  we are still in that season.  God’s seasons don’t run by our calender.  We are still in that season of favor and the season of open doors.

The key, though, to having open doors, is walking through them.

He used a math analogy to explain this scripture.


8 is our known factor
X is our God factor
Y is our sum, or outcome

So, to put it this way,  our known factor + God = our outcome.
Or, Our known factor + God = the answer to Y (Why)

I could go on and on about this sermon, but one of his points in his teaching was:  Despite what you’ve done, God still wants to open doors for you.  (All you have to do is walk through them.)

Enemies will surface when doors start to open.  But that just provokes the blessings of God.

Day Two: Whatever you believe, you become.  You cannot doubt what you have seen.  And when you believe it, you become it. The main point is to look.

Knowing where you’re going is not revelation, knowing how to get there is revelation.  Understanding how to get there.

Once you have seen it, you cannot be stopped.  Because once you see it, you will believe it and then you can become it.  Your faith has manifested already and no man can close the door.  When the picture comes to life, God is committed to do it.

Revelation 1:10 – “On the Lord’s Day I was in the Spirit, and I heard behind me a loud voice like a trumpet, ”
Revelation 4:1 – “After this I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in heaven. And the voice I had first heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.”

You have to be in the Spirit to hear what the Spirit has to say.

Meditate on the Word and capture the vision.  And when you see the vision, you believe it and when you believe it, you become it.

Psalms 25:4-9 – You must put on the meekness to see what God is saying.

Pastor Connie Caronna. What can I say…  It was all so good!
Google earth.  What a great analogy.  I use it all the time just to find cool things on the globe, but I never really thought of it in the way she put it out there.

God has a global plan.

We can’t think about dominion on a personal level, we must think of it on a global level.  “Who can I bless?”  Rather than, “How can I get something?”

When we are ‘zoomed in’ on ourselves, we can’t see the things around us.  The things that are approaching from different sides are blinded.  But when we zoom out to a wider perspective, we are able to see more.  We can be prepared for more.

Our current situations are a apart of an eternal plan.

Paul wrote a letter to the Ephesians saying that he is a prisoner of Christ.  And that being a prisoner of Christ has lifted him above his situations, and by yielding himself to Christ he is yielding himself to the eternal plan.  The big picture.

If he had not been in prison, he would not have written those letters to the church at Ephesus.  He would have gone in person to tell them these things, and we would not have these letters right now.

Yielding to the eternal plan may be painful for now, but far more rewarding in the whole scheme of things.

Robb Thompson

“Sometimes the craziest people aren’t locked up.”

That’s so true…  But on a serious note, my hand hurt after his two sessions.


1.  The value you place upon God’s Word is immediately revealed by your willingness to act upon it.
Put your value on the house built on the rock, not on the one built on the sand.  Because when the winds come, you’ll want it to be sturdy.

2.  You’re either a prisoner of your past or a pioneer of your future.
This one goes back to Robert Kasaro saying that “when God opens or closes a door, he is the only one that can close it or open it back up.”

So good.  It all went together so well.

3.  My faith becomes genuine when I decide to remain under pressure.
If you’re not being squeezed, nothing will come out.  If you have no ‘creeps’ you have nothing to have dominion over.

4.  In order to achieve the future you desire, you must first be willing to walk away from the things you currently crave.
Ouch.  If you love something, you’re willing to confront it.  If it’s a person, you should be willing to walk away from them.  That one took me some time to get over.  There are some people in my life that I want to be near, and care for pretty hardcore like, but I know that I have to stay away from them.  They are like poison to me, so I can no longer drink them.

The Bible wasn’t written to show how much God loves you, it was written to show how much you should love God.  It’s like Pastor Jamie said in his “Feet” series, it’s not about your preferences, it’s about God’s.

Judges 14-16 talks about Sampson’s marriage to a woman who is only out to destroy him, but she is all he desires.  He was not willing to give her up and go for what God wanted, and ended up losing his anointing from God and his life.
The eyes that got Sampson in trouble were gouged out.

Joseph…  He went from wearing a coat of many colors to being thrown in jail for being wrongly accused, years later he is brought out of jail and ended up being a great leader.

The difference?  He was willing to give his life over for the big picture.  He was thinking globally.  He was thinking about his family and the people to follow.  He was willing to give up what he craved.

Day Two: Liberated

Liberated in the Greek means to be set free from restraints.
Don’t love someone more than they love themselves.
“The most liberating moment ever experienced was realizing that I am not responsible for another man’s improvement, but to reward his improvement.”
You can’t change the soil in someone else’s heart, but the seed reveals the quality of the soil.
Jesus was not called to improve us, he was called to reward us for improving.

Good can not influence evil, but evil can influence good.

Evil is not influenced until it chooses it doesn’t want to be evil anymore.
The closer you get to the pool, the greater the chances that you’re going to get wet.

The stronger your grass is, the greater chances are that it will choke out the weeds.
If God really could do ‘all things’  he would have stopped the fall of man.  That was our fault, not his.
Your will is more powerful than the will of God.  God tells you to do things all the time, but you decide whether or not you’re going to do it.  We say no all the time.
Jesus doesn’t encourage us to do the right thing, he encourages us after we’ve already done the right thing.

Poverty is not the lack of money – it is proof of misguided money.

Surround yourself with people that God wants in your life.  Spend the bulk of your time with people who care about your future.  Turn away from people who are only concerned with you helping them.  (Steve Kelly taught on this the next day)

He has already given you the answers before you ever asked the question.


2 thoughts on “DBTW Hangover

  1. Dear friends,
    Greetings to you and yours in Jesus’ name, I trust that you are in good health and serving the Lord with your full Strength and Zeal.
    Thank you for the prayers, love and support to the entire people of Africa especially those of Swaziland
    Am inquiring about the emails I sent you a few days back.
    Please let me know if you received them.
    With the love of Christ,
    Apostle Robert Kasaro

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