Where I am Weak, You Come In

I love reading other people’s blogs…  sometimes.
I don’t get a chance to read some of the ones I used to read daily.  But today I had a few free moments (because I delegated a task to a volunteer.)  So I took some time to head over to Seth Barnes’ blog to catch up.  I love reading his blogs.  He is so honest, but gentle.  Sometimes.

Here is the link.

You should read it too, otherwise, this won’t make any sense to you.

One of the things I love most about Celebrate Recovery is that I can be real there.  I don’t have to put on my facade that everything is perfect in my life.  They have been right where I am, and see right through it.  So why can’t I be that way at LWFC?  Sometimes I feel like people are the fakest when they’re inside these 4 walls.  This is where we are supposed to be able to come and heal, share and just love on one another.

I know that nobody’s life is perfect, and we are all weathering some sort of a storm, big or small, that is part of being a Christian.  So why do we come to church and fake it?  We all know we’re full of …  (c word)  We all know that there is some area that we need prayer in.  So why do we get dressed in our ‘Sunday Best’ as Seth said, and put on a show of just how perfect our lives are?

If we’re struggling to keep up appearances each week we drag ourselves through the doors into the sanctuary, why not let our brothers and sisters, who have been exactly where you are, help you shake it off?

That’s what this community of believers is for, right?

We’re supposed to hold one another’s arms up when the winds start coming in harder.

So why have I found it harder and harder to just let go?  I really want to be me around here, but right now, if I let it all out, people would probably think I am nuts.  All of the little things that I could have gotten through individually, with the help of my brothers and sisters, has all compiled up and is now brewing and blasting me away.    If I don’t let it go, it will keep growing.

Then what?

When I sit here and share my weaknesses, we become family.

When I sit here with a victory, we should still be family so that when the storm comes, you’re still there.

This is where you come in.

Where I am weak, you should fill in the gaps.

Where you are weak is where I should fill in the gaps.

We are family.  That’s what we do.

So…  if we’re being honest with each other, then let me say that right now, I have a lot of gaps and need a lot of filling.

I want the simplicity of heart described in Acts 2:41-47.  I don’t want to have to dig through the garbage to get to the place of peace.  And I don’t want you to either.

Please let me know when you have a need.  I want to help you.  That’s what we are all about.


2 thoughts on “Where I am Weak, You Come In

  1. I would just like to point out that neither Allison, nor myself “put on our Sunday best”. We are two of the most real people you will ever meet. I don’t see the point in being fake or putting on a show, and that has certainly rubbed off on her. To a degree, if I don’t feel “safe” with someone, I might not tell them exactly all of what is bothering me, but I’m not afraid to say that something is bothering me. The only degree to which I might not share something that I/we are dealing with is when I want to be careful of what is spoken over the situation, I will then “let people in” that I know will come in agreement with me and speak the things that I want spoken, but I have to be able to trust someone to do that. I, to a degree, require that level of trust to be earned, through a show of actual commitment to and caring for me and my family.

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