Compliments Of The Season

With all due respect extending hand in partnership

That was the greeting in the email sent to me from the Deputy Director of Finance, Foreign Payment Approval Dept. of West African Monetary Control Board (WAMCB). North-West Regional office Burkina Faso.
So is that his title? I thought mine was long.

Anywho… Lots has happened since I last posted.
Today is Mother’s Day. I have one. You probably do too.
My fingers are sore and I have the song ‘Summer of ’69’ in my head. My finger litchrilly bled last night. I’m that hardcore. I tried taking pictures, but they didn’t turn out right. BUT! I do have pictures of the aftermath.

My Evening With Yum Yum:

iphone 029
We’re besties now.

iphone 004
I offered her gifts.

iphone 016
Sometimes we argue, though. 😦

But when she’s cold, I loan her my hoodie.
iphone 020

She even let me have a bite of her samich!
iphone 013

So anywho… I really don’t have a lot to say. Well… That’s not true.
Last night I played at the Wake Forest Coffee Company. I made $10.63 in tips. I played songs I don’t know and songs I haven’t played in many moons. It was good, then… not so good. But you would know that if you had come to see me. (OH!!!)

Right. So.

Tuesday is new grill day. It’s going to suck! 🙂 But when my face heals from it, it’ll be great.

Um. I don’t have much else.

Hold on, lemme think of something else to say.




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