Costa Rica 2009

I went to Costa Rica last week. I am still processing all of the amazing things that happened, so I will just share a few pictures with you for the time being.

This was my preferred view for my morning quiet times.
Copy of iphone 1053

Carlos Sanchez, one of the coolest people I know.
iphone 2064

Raisa Sanchez, the other coolest person I know.
Copy of iphone 1070

One of the places we went to pray.
Copy of iphone 1154

Another park we went to in San Jose.
Copy of iphone 1058

The gigantic park with the “Crayola Trees”
iphone 1988

Laura sitting by the pool at the motel the youth group and VBS/MED group will be staying at.
iphone 1090

Some delicious fruit at the market.
Copy of iphone 1064

Most beautifully, a waterfall at The Cave of Adullam
iphone 1214

The 2009 Prayer Group.
iphone 2029

What a powerful trip. It is amazing how God can pull 5 completely different people at random and throw them together only for those 5 people to realize that they all so similar. Mountains were moved and beauty was revealed and 5 lives will never be the same.

Thank you all so much for supporting me on this trip, I can’t even begin to express my gratitude. Check back later for more pictures and stories.


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