This Day

Rather than rant and rave, I’ll tell you the good things; because today hasn’t made my horrible week end.

This season of my life has many ups and downs. I used to like roller coasters, but now that I feel like I’m on one 24/7 I don’t think that I like them as much.

Today had a good point though. And right now it is downloading.

It’s the new Iphone 3G S software. !

I really don’t have much to talk about. Well, I do, but I can’t write about it in here, which brings me to the next thing… Can you please pray for me? This week has been really stressful and it’s only Wednesday. It adds to the already stressful year, and I’m ready for it to end.

I have found a place of peace, but I can’t live in it all day, and it only seems to come when I am spending alone time with God.

So… Lastly… Here is the flyer for the event I will be ministering at. AND!!! Sharlene will be there too!!! It’s exciting, I know. It’s a good thing it’s an outside event because I don’t know how it could all be contained within a building.

See you there!!!


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