Moving on… IN!!!!!

So, for those of you who know, I moved OUT on August 1. Tomorrow I will be moving IN!
If you would like to help, here are the details.
If you do not want to help, feel free to show up anyway. 🙂

I get off work at 5pm. I have everything in boxes ( 🙂 ) in storage down the street from the church. The apartment I am moving in to is on the first floor and we can back straight up to the door. ( 🙂 ) It should be really easy, I just need hands and feet and backs and trucks!!!

So call me, text me, email, tweet, facebook, etc. and I can give you more exact details.

See you there. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Moving on… IN!!!!!

  1. hey! sorry we couldn’t help you move…i hope it all turned out well…you moved into the apartments at the off n main, right? chris and I had looked into those apartments a few years ago. how is your new place? we are looking to move soon too, but not sure where…we do know God ALWAYS provides. He is faithful. Very very faithful.
    anyway..just wanted to say hi….
    you still bless me.

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