How Will You Be Remembered?

We are all very aware of the death of pop music legend, Michael Jackson. It’s allover the media… and twitter. I have seen shows that talk about how much of a traumatic childhood he lived, and recall seeing the life story of the Jackson family when I was younger. He truly has had to overcome a lot in his short life. But the other stuff… the questionable stuff… that is what makes me concerned.

His children will forever be known as “Pop Music Royalty.” Just like Lisa Marie Presley is the King of Rock ‘n Roll’s daughter.

It is strange to see the legacies live on. After the death of Princess Di, I suddenly saw her family in the media. I don’t recall seeing her boys on the cover of every gossip magazine on the rack while she was living, but they’re right up there next to Bradjelina.

We are on week 2 of a 9 week series at Living Word called “Building a Failure Proof Life.”
We all need this. I wish I knew some of this stuff YEARS ago! But, luckily, it’s not too life to leave a legacy worth remembering.

I was so lucky to get a second chance, I would have hated to leave that legacy.

So… Here is my question:

What will YOUR legacy be?

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