It’s one of those days.

Today had the opportunity to be ruined by many circumstances. But I have decided to pass up the opportunity to have a horrible day.

Here’s what happened…

Yesterday, after church, I left my headlights on. It drained my battery.
I got a ride to and from prayer. And jumper cables.

I got to see an old friend. Weird. Random. Neat.

I was late to work, trying to find someone to jump my car.

Whilst standing in the rain with jumper cables, I noticed that I was standing on the home of millions of fire ants.

The rain… If I didn’t love rain, I would be sad right now about my soggy shoes. (still soggy shoes)


Starbucks, smiles, and a nice warm hoodie = just the beginning of a day that could have gone all wrong.

Today, I will take part in joy. I will maintain happy, pure thoughts. I will not give place to anger. I will rejoice instead of scream and sob. I will remember that I am an overcomer. (still)

Above only, and not beneath…

Don’t hate.


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