Should I Really Be Complaining?

I’ve heard of a saying before: A problem without a solution is just a complaint.

Well, it seems like I have many “problems” and I don’t want to deal with the solution because it’s too much… it’s just too much; so I find myself complaining a lot.

I have had to limit the time I spend with certain people because of their effect on me. There is one person that I would love to spend more time with, but when I’m with him he always seems to find a way to tell me that I used to be a lot cooler. He says things like: What’s wrong? Why don’t you trust me? Why are you so quiet?

I can only respond: Nothing’s wrong, I just don’t have anything uplifting to say in this conversation. I don’t trust people who always think there is something wrong with me. I’m so quiet because I have no way to respond positively to what you’re talking about.

So I just walked away. It’s easier than telling him that I’ve changed. Years went by and I got older. I got wiser. I have nothing to complain about. So… maybe I’m just um. A list just came to mind.

Scared of rejection
Scared of hurting you
Scared of … a big head? (Thinking of myself higher than I ought to.)
Scared of getting hurt
Scared of being scared.

So, like I said, it’s easier just to walk away. But I know that that’s not the solution. I should be… bold, of great courage, encouraging… etc.

I know that I haven’t really been putting a lot on here lately. It’s mostly because of this. And… this post started over on my “secret blog” but then I decided to put it on my “not so secret” blog.


I don’t know where I’m going with this. So here’s a question:

What do I have to complain about when I serve a God that loves me so much that He makes sure that my ever need is met?


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