I’ll Never Forget (Happy September 11th)

Today marks the 8th anniversary for the September 11, 2001 attacks on our country. (Please read the whole post before yelling about the title.)

I was just reading Jennifer’s post about this same thing, and thought I’d share what I remember from that day.

I was on my way to SWCC, I had an early art class. As I was about to leave out the back door, my step-father, who was the Post Master at the time came rushing in the door telling me to come to the t.v. I was all… “whatever.” and went.

Every channel had a smoking tower, clogging up New York’s skyline. As we stood there silently, in disbelief, the newscasters went on and on about a plane hitting the first tower, I thought it was some sick joke.

And then the 2nd one hit. I remember taking a gasping breath as we both stood there, still silent, watching this all unfold.

At that time in my mother’s career, she had just left her job as a Revenue Assurance Analyst with the Post Office, which meant she went to all the post offices in her district and counted their money. This would take her to all parts of the country, to different conferences and Post Offices. It would have taken her to the World Trade Center for the week of September 10-14, 2001.

But she had a career change just days before, instead…

I can’t even describe how I feel about how many people were lost in this attack. It still seems unreal. Some days I don’t even think about it. Other days I do. Today I will. I don’t ever want to forget this event, as tragic as it was to our nation, it brought a closeness to our country. It brought so much respect for our servants.

Keeping the memory alive of the September 11th attacks will honor the lives lost, but most importantly, the lives that remained. A lot of people DID survive the attacks. A lot of people are alive to remember today and those who were lost.


Happy September 11th to those we still have. To those who “shoulda/coulda/woulda” been there.

But most importantly, Happy September 11th to those who are no longer with us. To the families and friends that lost someone great. May we think of joy only on this day. Not the tragedy of life lost, but the joy that we once knew someone great, someone brave…

Where were you?


2 thoughts on “I’ll Never Forget (Happy September 11th)

  1. I was in high school and a friend passed me in the hall and told me America had been attacked, and I didn’t believe him. Fortunately my next class was US History, so he was not opposed to watching History unfold. It was very surreal to sit and watch the towers fall. (The second plane had already hit by the time we started watching.)

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