Another Gallon of Grace, Please

By now we’ve all heard or seen the outrageous moment at the Video Music Awards with Kanye West and Taylor Swift. If you haven’t, you’re lucky.

I saw a few slandering videos on YouTube and saw many a tweet about it, so I watched the clip from the VMA’s for myself. The people were right. What he did was kinda crazy. But I don’t think it was malicious, racist or any other slandering word that has been used. I think it was a mistake.

This is the first time that I have ever given Kanye West this much thought. I felt bad for a moment when his mom died. It’s horrible. But his message to our youth… I’m not a fan. So now he has just slandered another musician, who, honestly, I never really listened to. She’s talented in the country music area, me, not so much. But whatever. It just so happens that his outburst wasn’t a tweet, wasn’t a Facebook status, it wasn’t a nasty blog directed at her, it was on a stage in front of millions of people, being recorded for generations to come.

So what does that have to do with grace?

I sure am glad that all of my stupid comments or bad ideas – judgmental ideas, aren’t televised for all the world to see. I’m glad that it’s usually just a small group of people that watch me do stupid things or say the wrong thing. I’m glad that I have God’s grace to wash that stupidity away.

Does Kanye deserve any less that what I have been given?


We’ve all muffed up. We’ve all been forgiven. (Already) So how is this situation any different?

I was just reading Stuff Christians Like and he wrote about this. I have been seeing his tweets about it and his status message on facebook and I really had to consider this.

Honestly… back to that…

I hadn’t really thought much about this after first seeing the videos a few days ago. But then I thought about that. How dare I, of all people, push this into the back of my mind as “the last thing I thought about Kanye West.” He deserves exactly what I got… GRACE. I don’t have to befriend him on facebook, or follow him on twitter, I don’t even have to buy/like his album. But I do have to think good thoughts about him. It wouldn’t be fair.

This man apologized. Publicly. Televised. He felt bad about what he did.

So how can I assume that my level of feeling bad is WAY lower than his ever could be, and he just wasn’t sorry enough?

I can’t.

As for grace, I’ll take some more, please. Pour it on thick. Let me swim in the ocean of grace. Because I’ve made some bad decisions, horrible mistakes. And I’ll make some more. So will Kanye.

You too.


2 thoughts on “Another Gallon of Grace, Please

  1. Wow, Kelsie…thanks for sharing. And it’s so nice to see there are people like you out there, willing to be gracious…to show the grace that was given so freely to us! You’re a blessing!

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