It’s February.

In case you hadn’t noticed. It’s actually almost March, so I thought I’d post something ridiculous and meaningless.

So here I go.

Geraldine broke last night. My heart broke a little bit with it. The neck is cracking off of the body. It’s probably all my fault since I use medium strings. I’ll definitely be going back to lights when/if I get her fixed. Depending on how much it costs, I may have to get a new guitar. (darn it)
Oh, and Austin has been acting janky, too. I was playing him and he kept cutting out in the amp, then a string broke. It’s litchrilly the first string that I ever broke whilst playing. I hadn’t changed the strings in over a year, and hadn’t played in at least 6 months, so that was probably a major factor, but monumental, none the least.
And Yama has been sitting in the corner for months, missing a string… I have no more for him.

So that is what has been happening. And i am recovered (mostly) from the dolphinfrogpony flu.

That’s all.

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