I’m NOT Political

I think I’ve said that once (or twice) before.
I know… I should be more aware of what our government is doing as an American Citizen… I’m working on that.

By now, you’ve probably read, seen or heard about the newest Obama blunder, Obamacare. I personally think it is ridiculous. I know that this nation, as a whole, has done some pretty stupid things, and voting Obama into office is one of those things. If you voted for him, shame on you. No really… I hope you feel like crap about your decision.

Here’s why.

I know a couple who are both very financially wealthy, both are doctors, live in a great neighborhood, have 2.5 children, and a nanny for those children while they are off saving lives. They voted for Obama. That’s not the kicker. The big stomp in the drawers is the FACT that they are BOTH about to lose their income when this Obamacare comes in to full swing. Why? Because they are both specialists in their field.
What is the point of years of education in the medical field, hundreds of thousands of dollars paying for years of education in the medical field, if upon graduation from said years of education in the medical field, you are no longer offered a position at the nation’s top medical facility, but rather the clinic down the road for minimum wage?
This new health plan is taking what used to be an honorable position and swapping out a white coat for a paper hat. Would you like suppositories with that? No? How about an abortion today?

I’m sorry if I offend you.

No. I’m not. jk.

I have worked WAY too hard for the meager healthcare I am able to afford, so much that if something were to happen, illness, broken bone, etc… I probably couldn’t cover the co-pay. But the point is… I HAVE WORKED WAY TOO HARD FOR IT! Why should I, a legally abiding resident of the U.S.A. have to work equally as hard for someone else’s health care?
And even worse, whey should I have to fund some slut’s abortion?

One too many beers? One night stand for “fun”? No problem… let me (someone who cannot have children) pay for your abortion.
There are certain medical reasons that a fetus would have to be aborted. Miscarried, whatever you want to call it… but “I don’t have time for a baby.” or “What about MY future??!” are not good enough reasons.

I’m hearing this all over the nation. Blogs, tweets, facebook, podcasts, etc. The PEOPLE do NOT want this! So what does our President do?
Let’s run ads on cable television so people can have the option for “early enrollment” in the “Americans 4 Healthcare” Program. No, seriously, I saw the ads on tv BEFORE they had even voted. One of the statements on this ad is that “you WILL be approved, regardless of residency status.”

There is so much more I could say about this, but I have other things to do.

I can’t wait until November.

Disclaimer: I in no way mean any disrespect toward our President. I continually pray for him and his family.


9 thoughts on “I’m NOT Political

  1. You’re pretty stupid and ill informed…. that commercial is not from the government, it is simply a private company looking to take advantage of stupid people (like you, apparently) who would automatically equate seeing obama’s face with some sort of government initiative. Americans 4 Healthcare (http://americans4healthcare.com/) is a private 3rd party health care provider who wants people to call them thinking it has something to do with the new healthcare overhaul, when it doesn’t. So, again, I call you stupid.

  2. And just to add…. almost everybody who opposes the healthcare overhaul have absolutely NO IDEA what changes are ACTUALLY being made, and simply hate it because they are either A) Republican B) Racist or C) Both

    If you have actual problems with obama, why not state specific CORRECT reasons… don’t simply say his ideas are stupid and call him a socialist and think that’s going to convince anybody. Don’t hate just to hate…. hate for a reason for god’s sake

  3. Alex… if you didn’t get the humor in me adding that video, I’m sorry to say that you’re… well… I can’t say.
    calling me a racist… that’s funny.
    You probably wrote your comments before actually reading this post.

    So… Thanks for your comments!


  4. I agree with this Kelsie, I , for one, am out of the loop as well, not watching TV etc, has a lot to do with it. And before Alex chimes in, no- I can’t order a daily US paper to my barracks doorstep to keep in touch.

    The one thing I really dislike, is making the money taxed from me, go to abortion- Seperate from church and state should ring a bell? If I don’t believe in abortion, from my religious rights, how in the world can the government make me pay for it?

    Cheers for the post.


    • Alex, why is it every time someone criticizes Obama, you liberal guys always scream racism; by which, I assume you mean against blacks.
      However, by DNA, Obama is neither black nor white and, is also black and white. He is exactly 50-50.
      So, should those who criticize state categorically that they are criticizing his blackness or his whiteness?

      If any one is stupid, ill-informed and racist (as you use it as a hole card), it’s you, Alex.

  5. The title says it all: “I’m not political”. This is a sign of a) purposeful ignorance, and b) commenting despite the purposeful ignorance.

    I have a personal policy to not comment on issues on which I have no real knowledge besides hearsay and news media highlights (like…healthcare). Doing so would leave me without defense when people ask me about specifics, because I am only speaking based on hearsay.

    Might be a good idea for you to try this, Kelsie.

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