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Has it seriously been *forever* since I last wrote anything?  It sure seems that way.  A lot has been happening.

Let’s see…

Pretending that I can focus right now: Self trimming hedges.

So I went camping on Memorial Day weekend.  At the lake.  With people.  It was nice.  I got to sit alone in a brand new place!
It wasn’t really like that.  It was more like…  6 families and Kelsie.
I had an awesome fire.

Um…  my air conditioner hasn’t been functioning properly for over 2 weeks.  The carpeted closet is soaked because it was leaking and I didn’t notice it until the feet of my dining room table started to look “water-logged.”  So it has been ‘warm’ in my apartment.  And it smells like an old wet basement attic.


I need a re-aim day.

or week.

I cut ‘most’ of my hair off in a bit of rage.  … nineinches… I missed it instantly.

Geraldine is doing better.  Her neck is still glued.  But now Austin is popping strings.  I have officially learned 19 songs in 3 months.  I don’t want to play anymore.

Did I mention that I need a re-aim day?

I recorded some new songs, but since I suck at editing them, they’re just sitting on my computer.

Is this list finished yet?

P.S. Go read this!


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