She Is Priceless

I’ve been trying for over  a month now to come up with the right words to say in this post.  I still haven’t come up with them so I am just going to ramble.

Pardon me.

I read a book by Tom Davis called ‘Priceless‘.  Then after reading this book, I knew I had to read the book that came before it, ‘Scared‘.  Reading that book made me SO mad.  I know that it was just a book, but the story is such a common occurrence in the world.  I don’t want to spoil it for you, but I need you to know that once you have read these books, be prepared to do something else.  Something big.  Something you’ve never done before.  Because it’s really the only next logical thing to do once you know the stories of these two girls.

Let me start with Adanna.
Sweet Adanna.  She is a young girl in a small village in Swaziland with 2 younger siblings; Precious and Abu.  Her father left one day on business and never came back, and her mother is dying from HIV, most likely a gift given before her father left them.
This once well-to-do family is now surrounded by poverty, sickness and disease.  Death is a common everyday occurrence by now.  Parents are dying from HIV/AIDS and the children they’ve left behind are dying of starvation.
And sweet Adanna offers all that she has to these children.  She serves the last of her family’s food to some of the children, and a snap-shot of this moment is captured by photographer, Stuart, and printed on a prominent American magazine cover – suddenly, the entire world wants to help this little girl.
By this time, Stuart has fallen in love with this little girl and her 2 younger siblings – she has shown him something greater than he has even known as a rich American – the love of Christ.  Her poetry has inspired the nation to help her village, but it’s too late…  “The man in white clothes” has already taken her home.

And then there is Marina.
She once had a family.  But is orphaned as a young child in Russia.
She meets this man one day named Stuart, who comes to take pictures of her orphanage – their lives will never be the same after this moment.  Stuart sees in this little girl, the same sparkle that he saw with Adanna.  He knows that she has a hope and a future in Christ.  Years go by and Stuart is thrown down a path of riches from the photos he has taken on his many trips with the magazine.
Then one day he is asked to go back to Russia because he speaks the language and has contacts there.  He agrees.
What happens next…  breaks my heart.
Stuart is thrown into a world where young girls are taken by force or by will with lies of promises of a great future – they are forced to have sex with multiple men every day until eventually they are so torn up that they can’t make their few dollars off of them anymore.  ($60 for the whole night)
Marina is caught in this trap.  She was promised a future with a rich family – but forced to do unthinkable things with whoever had a couple dollars to spare.
But Stuart hadn’t forgotten her sweet face…  he fought for her – to get her back, even though he ran the risk of losing his wife back home and their new baby, Adanna.

These books have truly changed my heart.  I knew that this sort of thing was going on, but the way that Tom Davis writes his novels…  it puts you there.  He paints a vivid picture through his writing that leaves you needing to do more.

So here is your chance.

First of all – buy the books!
Scared can be purchased here.
Visit the Scared website.

Priceless can be purchased here.
Here is the devotional.

Want to sponsor a child?
It’s only $34 per month.  Seriously.

Sometime this winter, I will be hosting a Timbali Crafts Sale.  The Timbali women are all volunteer cooks at feeding centers for orphans and vulnerable children in their rural communities.  All money raised in this sale will go directly toward them.  But there’s more!!!  If you know me, you know I have a thing for foreign-made purses & hand-bags.  You will receive a bag hand-made by one of these Timbali women & the prices are VERY reasonable.  You can’t find something like this at any stores.  For more information, visit their website.

Want to do even more?

Visit the Children’s Hope Chest Website!


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