I don’t quite know how to start this out.  It has been a long time since I posted anything substantial or consistent.  A lot has been going on – way too much for this blog.  Personal things.  Well, it’s not like anyone is reading this thing as of late.  I could say what I want.  But the consequences of that would be too great if someone actually read this.

I’m not a mean person.  I think that is what I am trying to say.  But lately…  I’ve been a jerk.  I’ve pushed everyone out past the arms length, so now…  they’re all so far away – I can barely reach them.
I used to think that the reason I didn’t want to get close to people is because they always leave.  Although, that generally is the case, I don’t give them a chance to leave, per say, because I’ve already pushed them so far away that the ties have been so severely severed that it doesn’t really matter anymore.

As far as Facebook goes…  it’s Facebook, don’t lose any sleep if I haven’t accepted your friend request.  I’m not doing it to be mean.  Remember… I’m not a mean person.  I just decided that I’d rather have actual relationships with people instead of online ones.  Therefore, if you want to know what my status update is…  ask.  97% of the people currently on my friend’s list are people that are either a) my family and live far away b) people that I actually have a relationship with or c) we should be friends but they won’t speak to me.
You say…  “I don’t have time!”
I say…  “Sorry.”

I’m moving  out.

I’ll be moving in with Sebrina in October.

That’s pretty much it for sharable news.



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