On Waiting


I wish I were braver
I could conquer the world
We could do it together
You and me
But let’s not say ‘us’
Because we’re barely even friends
We’re struggling to be just you
and just me
And we’re not all that different
But wait, oh, that’s our problem
We’re too similar
Our tastes
Our likes
Our dislikes
You’re trying to be you
And I’m trying to be me
So where does that leave us?
Oh, wait, there is no ‘us’
Only you
And only me
But ‘we’ could be
You know
Because we’re really not that similar, see
Because when I think of ‘us’
I feel complete
But you…
Do you even see me?
I’ve been waiting long enough
I’m so tired of this
I’m so tired
I’ve been watching you go back and forth
To and fro
One after another
She’s not the one,
Neither is she
Oh, you say you’ve found her!
But wait, she loves someone else
And I…
I’m still waiting
But I’m losing my patience
I’m fighting to keep a grip
On reality
On life
On my faith
Because…  OMG!
I’m starting to forget who you even are
I’m doubting the things that you once told me to hold on to
And I remember the day you told me about your Savior
You said that He changed you
I wanted to change too
So I said the prayer
You said you’d always be there
And I already knew you would be
So where did you go?
I’ve been waiting here
But I’m going crazy now
We don’t even speak anymore
Not even a nod
I just want you to know that I’m still here
I’m STILL here
And hey, remember that Savior you introduced me to?
I let Him mend my broken heart
Just like you said
Take your time
He will hold my heart and keep it safe
Until you’re ready
And we become us

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