You Should Know

You should know
That you’ve broken my heart
I came here in pieces with a promise that I could be repaired
Made new
But the pieces aren’t so sturdy
They’re breaking off at the seams
Like you knew right where to cut

You should know
That I trusted you
I told you things about me that I swore no one else would hear
But now it’s echoing all around me
My head is heavy with shame
I thought it was my past
I’m not allowed to change?
Jesus’ blood didn’t cover that?
I thought a sin was a sin
That forgiveness is for all
If they believe
I believed
But now
I don’t know what to believe
Who to trust
Nobody to turn to
I’m supposed to lie here and take it because it falls under
“Other Duties”
I’m like the path that the seed fell on
Hardened by people walking on it
And I can’t take much more

Weren’t you right here?
So how is my sin so much worse?
I know I was horrible
I came in hurting
And I still bleed
I haven’t turned my head away
But now
Now I want to run
They’ll always take me back
But with you…
I’ll never fit in
I’ll always be your project
“Let’s see if we can change her life!”
You did
Now what?

You should know
That I can’t stop forgiving you
You taught me that
So take my coat
And my hoodie
And the shirt off my back
I don’t need it
Because if His promises are true like you said they are
This will be over soon
Because I can’t take anymore
I can’t take anymore
I’ll lie here defenseless
Do whatever you say
Because I still trust you
You should know
That you’ve broken my heart
I can forgive you
But this time I won’t forget
And maybe soon you’ll take me seriously
Because if I truly trusted you
I could tell you that
You should know
I really need you

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