Don’t Forget About Me


How’s it going?

I have so much to say, but don’t want to overwhelm you – I’d rather you just become ‘whelmed’ after reading this.

Let’s just start with some basic things.

I moved to Iowa.

I’m unemployed.

I don’t have a home church.

I feel like I’m backsliding.

I don’t have any friends here.

My best friend is a cat.

Her name is Mali.

I’ve been drinking a lot of unsweet tea because I’m in the north now.

And now for the deeper stuff.  More so just a short definition of each of the previous statements.

I moved to Iowa at the end of June and I live in my father’s basement.  It’s been weird.  Lonely mostly.  All of the jobs I thought were great leads were dead ends.  I’ve had quite a few interviews, but I’m either “over qualified,” or don’t have enough experience – a.k.a. working in a church isn’t “actual” experience because church employees sit around and pray for babies.  Or whatever.  If they only knew that Living Word is hardcore legit work.

Anywho…  There is an awesome church that I would love to go to in Des Moines, but I can’t afford gas since I don’t have a job yet.  It’s about 40 miles away.  There aren’t any churches in Stuart that ‘fit,’ if you know what I mean.  I went to a church today and thought I’d be early, but their website said that service is at 10:30, but they actually start at 9:30…  So I was REALLY late.  I left.  Awkwardly.  I went to the church that I enjoy, but was late.  There was a guest speaker talking about being a father to the fatherless – and how generations get all muffed up because they don’t have a father figure.  I get it.  I don’t want to get in to all of that…  just wanted to share it.
I haven’t really met anyone there – I’ve met a few people, but no more than “hello my name is Kelsie.”  They take a break from their form of Connect Groups in the summer, so I have to wait until September to get in to a group – then I can meet some folks…  it’s what I need.

Let’s see…  Backsliding…  I has some.  Not being at church CONSTANTLY has been really weird.  Working in a church aside, I was there all the time.  I miss that.  Or just being there each week… building relationships…  fellowshipping…  etc.

I’m hungry.

So that all feeds in to not having any friends here.  Mali and I have been hanging out a lot – but I wasn’t created to be a cat lady.  It’s not in my destiny, I’m sure of it.  She’s getting spoiled now and gets all lonely and meowing when I leave the ROOOOOOOM…  She follows me everywhere – even scratches on the bathroom door…  At least when I am gone, my father is usually here so she isn’t completely alone.

Moving sucked, by the way.  She meowed all the way to Tennessee.  I even drugged her with some stuff I got from the vet.  She laid there all sloppy and meowed…  still.  The remedy was putting a box under her crate so she could see out…  Then she would only meow when she needed a snack – or I was singing too loud.

So… Don’t forget about me.  I need prayer right now.  I feel really far away from my comfort zone and I know that we stretch when it gets uncomfortable, but I don’t want to get so stretched that I snap or get yanked back.

End scene…

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