I feel like I should be writing this with my brain instead of a keyboard.  Shouldn’t we be in flying cars by now?

There is so much that I could say right now about 2011.  I have mixed emotions about the year as a whole, but in the most part, it was incredible.
I knew that big things were going to happen in 2011 to prepare me for the biggest change in 2012, but I wasn’t expecting to be so incredibly blessed.

I know I didn’t post very much in 2011, but it was mostly because I enjoy being secretive.  Or maybe I just didn’t want anyone to know what I was struggling with.  There were times when I truly felt like nobody would understand.  More so than anyone else could ever think.

Let’s review…

I started having a lot of pain in my hands when playing guitar.  It made me mad.  I hated playing, but wanted to play.
Turns out, playing so much had given me Carpal/Cubital Tunnel in both arms.  In June I had a carpal release on my left hand.  I haven’t played much since then.
I hate it.
I am seeing a new Dr. here in Iowa about it.

I moved to Iowa.
The reasoning…  I only had 1 friend in North Carolina.  I miss her, but I miss watching my baby nieces grow up more.
Don’t be offended that I don’t consider you a friend.  We grew apart.  It happens.

I clearly, left my awesome job at Living Word.  I moved with a promise of a job – options even.  But upon arrival, had nothing.  My father graciously let me live with him until I got a job.
I finally was hired at Starbucks & Lane Bryant in the same day.  It took a couple of months of interviewing for lame jobs before I chose two.

Here’s a good story…
My sister told me that Lane Bryant was hiring because one of her friends from school, Meri, also worked there.
I went to my nearest LB and got hired there.  Like – interviewed, started the same day.  Turns out, Meri worked at that same store!  (Side note:  she’s awesome.)
So I worked 60+ hrs/week between the two jobs and pretty much hated working in retail more than flat tires.  (That’s the first thing that came to mind.)
So I started looking on craigslist (shady, I know) for a new job.
I found a few, most ended up being fake jobs, but one looked too good to be true.
It was working for a local ministry that sent missionaries to South Africa.  I stalked their website, sent my resume, stalked their website more & got called for an interview.
The interview was a blast.  I hit it off instantly with the two ladies that I would be working with.
Shortly after getting to work at Lane Bryant, I got a text from Meri that said that I had just interviewed with her sister.
So I got a 2nd interview and met with Dr. Blessman and found out that his daughter, Kelsey, went to the same church as I do.  (There are maybe 5 Kelsey(ie)(y)s there so I hadn’t met her yet.)
(Another side note:  She also has an anchor tattoo.)
Long story short…  I got the job.  I quit working at Lane Bryant and still work part-time at Starbucks.

So far, it has been awesome.  Quite different than working with LWFC, but I still do a lot of the same stuff.

I plan on going to South Africa soon with one of the teams, just not sure since my hands wouldn’t help doing the work.

I got a new truck, which I’ve already posted about.  I haven’t come up with a name yet, my sister suggested Evelyn, but it’s just not ‘fitting’ for a giant stealth black truck.

Mali is still a cat.  She has only had a couple spots of ringworm reappear since we moved here.  She likes her new apartment because she can watch people out of the giant windows with giant ledges.  She also got some really great Christmas presents from her Pappy and Gramama that she annoys the crap out of me with.
She likes to dip her fuzzy ball in her water then bring it to me to show me how wet it is.  Usually she drops it on my bed and meows like she’s injured.  All. Night. Long.
I may have to reinstate the closed bedroom door policy, but hate the sound of her nails on the door.

I pretty much work all of the time now.  Which is helping me get out of debt, but I don’t really have a social life.  I haven’t made any new friends and since I’ve been working most every Wednesday night haven’t made it to the connect group I was going to.
Although I really enjoy the church I am going to, when I can actually make it to service, I think it is more aesthetically appealing to me.  I like the people – they seem genuinely kind.  The messages are really good.  But I can’t say that I’m growing by being there.  Maybe I just haven’t been there long enough.  But I’d rather be in a church that punches me in the face with the Word when I screw up than one that I’m just another face.
I haven’t really been there long enough to make friends, or maybe it’s because I haven’t found the single 30yo group.
I’ve been invited to a different church a couple times by random/unrelated people.  So I think I might try that one if I can manage to have the morning off and be in town.
Either way – I need friends.

I got a new ukulele, which you already knew about, but I sure wish I could play it.  I hate being gimpy and I’m pretty sure that working at Starbucks, slinging milk isn’t helping.  Either is being at a computer all day.
But I like paying bills.

I have never really had a New Year’s resolution that I actually wanted to keep, but this year I am going to give it a go.
“To be genuine with everyone.  To say ‘I Love You’ instead of not.  To take chances and risk heart ache.  To be brave and walk in victory.”

Please hold me accountable.

I’m sure there are other remarkable things that I am forgetting, but I started this post 3 hours ago and have forgotten where I was going with it.

Happy New Year.


3 thoughts on “2012

  1. I like your new years resolution. I miss you, think about you a lot. More than i take the initiative to get in touch though i guess,… i hate distance. and making friendships as an adult,.. because its not as carefree and innocent. to be friends as a child takes nothing more than to pass each other in the grocery store,.. right? sounds like things are going really great for you, that makes my heart happy. 🙂

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