We were born for battle, without vision, we will die.

One of my favorite songs.  Here, have a listen:

Folks, we have a new President.  I woke up and watched the inauguration today, which I haven’t seen one since High School, so it was neat.  There was a lot of praying, some speeches, and some riots.  It was great.  So I went back to bed and took a little nap before work and that’s what I’m doing right now.  Working.

This election, guys, I can’t.  On a scale of one to even, I. Just. Can. Not.  Where are the grown ups?  Why do I feel like I am one of the few with common sense?  Please, tell me, what is smashing the store windows of stores WHO SUPPORTED YOUR CAMPAIGN going to do for you?  Seriously.  I have a co-worker that gets on to me because I voted for Trump.  Not one time has she ever asked me who I voted for, she just assumed that I did, and I did.  She wants to bring up stuff about things Trump said many years ago.  Yeah, I get it, he was being a vulgar man. I’m not going to disagree.  However, he won.  This is now our life.  Get on board.

I don’t know if you were around when Obama was elected, I posted how I felt about it.  This is what I assume most people who did not want President Obama to be elected did.  We prayed for him.  He was the captain of our ship for EIGHT years.  Guys, we can’t get separated on this.  No matter who you voted for, we have a new President.  We have to continually pray for him, for his family, for the entire government.  Because, like it or not, we’re all in this ship together and if we’re going to be stuck in this boat, we may as well row in the same direction.

I could go on and on, but I am going to leave it at this.  If you’re wondering what to pray, go here.


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