One Day at a Time,Sweet Jesus

We’re studying the book of Mark and also James. They keep running together. Mark is one of my favorites because it’s a break down of the New Testament. James has my heart because it reminds me of God’s promises to us.

I’ve had a lot going on.  Not so much like ‘many things,’ but a couple big things.  Work things, life things…  and I have to say, it’s been okay.

I start training to be a trainer at work on Monday.  I’m not sure how this happened, but I guess they think I will do well at this.  I’m a teacher by nature, mostly because I’m bossy, so I think it will be a good fit.
I turned down a possible position with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office in Iowa.  They wanted me to come take a test, but the timing just didn’t feel right.  I rolled around about it.  I looked at plane tickets, all of that, but in the end I decided that I would rather stay with my current agency and learn more rather than start over in another agency.  As much as I want to be closer to my family, the past has proven that I still don’t make time for them.  Maybe I’m stuck in my solitary ways…

I’m trying really hard to say the right things in a certain situation.  Someone in my life prefers being mean to me instead of saying nothing so I’ve come up with a plan…

Pray for them.  Daily.

It seems to be working.  Also, I went to management.  That went okay.

I also started praying the Prayer of Protection over my life.  I felt bad for a second, but, hey, if you want to come against me…

So basically, I don’t have much to say.




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