I did something

and it was terrifying.  Mostly because it wasn’t scary.  I went to Nash Street Tavern’s Open Mic on Tuesday.  There is some legit talent in Hillsborough.  Not that I’m shocked, but it was great to see live music again.  It’s few and far between.  Yes, I played.  Last.  I sat quietly in the back and when they did a last call I asked for a guitar.  That may have been the first time I was nervous to play in many, many years.  The last time was stepping out on stage to a packed stadium.  But once I started playing I felt right at home.  They asked me to come back.  I might.

Here’s a song I didn’t play.

This song keeps coming to mind lately.  More so than when it first came around in my head.  God promises to never give us any more than we can handle, but some times I think he forgot to turn down the stress a notch.  Some days get pretty heavy and it’s not even crazy things.  I used to be totally stressed over actual legit things.  How am I going to pay rent?  Are they going to shut the lights off?  etc…  It’s so strange that I can go to the store for groceries and buy them.  Just put the stuff in the cart and go pay for them.  If you’ve never been absolutely broke, good for you.  I’m glad to be over that season of my life.

I really didn’t have any real intentions when I started this and I really don’t have anything to talk about.  I just wanted you to know that I’m still here.


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