These are words!

Things are happening and I’ve been trying to get better at many of those things.  Like telling you what’s happening, I’m not good at that.  I’ve been keeping a written journal, which is great and all, but you can’t see it.  I wouldn’t want you to.  I’ve gone on adventures.  I’ve stayed in the house.  I wanted to pop in and say something, you know, because you wonder what I have to say.

I bought a new convection oven.  I know, it’s exciting.  My microwave died.  It works great as a kitchen timer, clock or night light.  If you want it, come get it.  Mali isn’t sure what to do with this new contraption.  The timer clicks and she stares at it.

I spent the weekend at the beach and visited a church there.  The message was great – about the Father’s love and the story of Hosea.  Very fitting for a Father’s day message.  Then a woman named Morningstar got up to tell about how her son was almost swept out to sea and she had to run in and save him. Then she prayed for ‘those who couldn’t save all of them’ and I cried.  I ugly cried.  Right there.  I cried for all of the ones who didn’t make it.  The girl whose brother found her hanging – who was beyond help before he even called and the father who found his son hanging – who was celebrating his first Father’s Day without his boy.  That one got me – He kept saying “I need to cut my boy down, how do I get my boy down?!” My heart was crushed.
Two people prayed with me, but I couldn’t tell them why I was crying, not really.


Overall, it was a good weekend.


I went and saw 3 light stations and got sunburned on the ferry ride, but then I came home and Mali was sick.  I had to take her to the emergency vet and she had to take drugs for days and now she’s feeling better.

And that is my life.  A roller coaster.  More like a carousel – ups and downs and rounds and rounds.

I don’t really have anything else to say.  I’m trying to stay busy and keep my mouth shut until it’s time to go home.


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